Got myself a new t shirt :D yeaah #battlestargalactica #helo #sleepingshirt #presentforme

Got myself a new t shirt :D yeaah #battlestargalactica #helo #sleepingshirt #presentforme

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May have had a few glasses of wine and accidentally started ordering stuff off amazon…ooopsy

My masters is offically over :( I’m really relieved to have finally handed my project in but feeling sad. I want to be starting again!

Went to a silks lesson after which was good and then had lots of chinese and wine.

Now I am reading the skeletal report of Richard III’s remains that was published today. Good bedtime reading.

Have to send my report to the printers by late tomorrow morning. Eurgh feel sick about it. But at the same time just want it to be handed in. Don’t know how I will cope with nerves if I find a PhD to do.

Final finished my report! Kind of… still needs references sorting and proof reading and my technical appendix done. But still.. the main part is there. Only 3 more days and it will be all handed in :) can’t wait.

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Tahmoh Penikett inĀ The Hostage. [x]

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Euurgh I need motivation! I’m so close to finishing a final draft. But I would rather sit and daydream apparently.


Airplane! (1980)

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